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“This book was awesome. It became my bible after my doctor recommended it to me with the advice that I could survive my twins. I highly recommend it to all expectant and new multiple moms. In fact, I still use my copy two and a half years later.”
Janny Adams, Greater St. Louis MOTC
“This book is ‘the’ book I recommend to new MOMs when they ask for information!”
Susan Ferguson, State/National Rep., Infant Replay MOT and More
“Fabulous publication for all to read. Written with wonderful suggestions and inspiring true life stories. A ‘must read’ for all multiple families.”
Del Calderini, Illinois Organization MOTC Advisor and Past President

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This book is a wonderful resource for parents of twins.
I would recommend this to anyone having a multiples.
It is very complete and has something for all ages.

It will take you from pregnancy through the college
years and beyond, and has information for the
stay-at-home parent as well as the working parent,
for those dealing with special needs to those coping
with multiple loss. The information/advice is sensible
because it is based upon the experiences of mothers
of multiple birth children who belong to the
National Organization of Mothers of Twins Clubs. This
group definitely knows what parenting twins, triplets,
quads and more is all about! The highlighted quotes
included in the book show that this is a book written
about real-life situations, with real-life solutions.
I just read this book and my twins are 8 months old, but I wish I knew about it when I was pregnant. This book covers everything from feelings you may experience when you first find out your expecting twins to how close adult twins are to each other. It draws much of its information from surveys filled out by members of twins and multiples clubs throughout the nation so the info is first-hand, down-in-the-trenches info! Throughout the book there are interesting and helpful stories from moms of multiples. This is good, useful info. Also, the book has lots of interesting statistics about twins such as the fact that the Yoruba tribe in Africa has a twinning rate of 1 in 22 births! Wow!





Meet the Contributing Authors of
Twins To Quints

Patti Beemer   Edna Coburn
~Adopting   ~Bereavement
Mary Moore Davis   Margie Downey
~Set or Individuals   ~Home schooling
~Disability   Elitha Farmer
Martha Kastens   ~Bereavement
(formerly Martha Eicker)   Susan F. Grammer
~School Age   ~Working Parents
~Stay at Home Parenting   J. Susan Griffith, M.D.
~Set or Individuals   ~Single Parenting
Jill M. Heink   Allen Helvajian
~Supertwins   ~Just for Dads
Christy Helvajian   Kathy Hornsby
~Stay at Home Parenting   ~NICU
Marie Jansen   Donna May Lyons
~Bereavement   ~Stay at Home Parenting
Rebecca Moskwinski, M.D., FAAFP   Mary Beth (Snelson) Jordak, RN, BSN
~Pregnancy   ~Labor & Delivery
~How Could This Happen?   Toni Simoneaud
~Preparations   ~Stay at Home Parenting
~Infancy   Linda J. Simpson
~Toddler   ~Adult Twins
~Disabilities   Lisa Pilon
Dale Willenberg, CRNA, MHS   Kelly Willenberg, RN, BSN
~Labor & Delivery   ~Labor & Delivery